Who are we?

We are a bunch of hard-working musicians that love to rock almost as much as we like to have a drink and a laugh. We love performing and rehearsing.

Naomi (Lead Vocals)

“I live for singing and love rock music the most! I have been in originals and covers bands since I was 13. I also play the piano and saxophone, and love nothing better than a great jam session with like minded people.”

Strengths: Red hair and outfit changes.

Likes: Brewery tours, craft beers, long walks in nature, watching films, and shoes.

Dislikes: Bad beer, lilies, perfume and arguments. 

Paul (Bass and Vocals)

“I started playing piano when I was about 12, quickly got bored and picked up the guitar when the teacher wouldn’t let me learn Guns and Roses’ songs. I started playing bass at around 14. I have been in a number of bands since 16, and have probably played around 1000 gigs during the last 28 yrs. I also play (dabble) ukulele and harmonica.”

Strengths: Clearing a room in record time with his arse.

Likes: Cooking (especially BBQ), drinking, snowboarding, poker, chilling round the chiminea with friends and a good bottle.

Dislikes: Reality TV talent shows, selfish people, spiders, white chocolate and shopping.

Jason (Guitar)

“I first started playing guitar aged 8, and have been obsessed with it ever since. I attended the Guitar Institute in London for a year in ’93, I’ve written and recorded with originals bands, and have played far too many gigs to remember in funk/soul, function and rock bands!”

Strengths: Embracing the fact he looks a bit like Will Young and sarcasm.

Likes: Cold lager, the outdoors, reading, toilet humour, double entendres and rudely shaped vegetables.

Dislikes: Warm lager, cauliflower, ironing, DJs that think ‘pressing play’ makes them a musician, and Nigel Farage.

Richard (Guitar)

“I first picked up a guitar aged 12 and played my first gig aged 15. I’ve played in many originals bands. One of which recorded a session at the Maida Vale studios for BBC radio 1’s ‘Friday Night Rock Show’, after winning their ‘Rock Wars’ competition, and went on to record an album and tour the UK. I’ve also gigged extensively with other rock cover bands.”

Strengths: Doing the splits and getting people a good deal on a car.

Likes: Real ale, watching football and making inappropriate comments.

Dislikes: Bad rap music, cooking anything that requires more effort than five minutes in a microwave and being out bid on Ebay.

Simon (Drums and Vocals)

“I started playing drums 30 years ago and have played over 1000 gigs. I’m a self-professed clown and I can’t take much in life seriously. I’m left-handed and my underwear is black.”

Strengths: Magic tricks and armpit percussion.

Likes: Pirates, rum and sausage rolls.

Dislikes: Angry people and moths. Having no rum and having to rush anywhere!